The World of Aodin

A Church Afire

Wallard started the fire...

A small local gang of criminals, lead by a man named Wallard, are charged with the arson of a church and the murder of a clergyman. A bounty is placed on their head. Always with ears on new well paying contracts, the Bounty Hunter Dirk hears from one of his contacts about this new bounty. Having brought Wallard into the authorities before, Dirk is surprised to hear of these circumstances. The contract states Wallard is worth 300gp, dead or alive.

Given Wallard and his gang will likely hang for their crime Dirk knows they will not come quietly and seeks out to hire help in this new contract. One of his contacts named Lydia Sgaile has shown herself to be quite capable in the past so he offers her a job. He tells her the reward is worth 200gp and he will split it with her. She accepts on the grounds that an older monk named Kame’ joined them- an older man that seemed to have become a sort of fatherly figure to her. While initially hesitant Kame' proves to be quite capable as well.

With no Tracker between them they head to the local tavern and employ the tracking abilities of Roland Boarhart, a local hunter. Lydia offers him a chance to double him money- he must win a game of dice though. However, if he loses, he must take half pay. He agrees but is angered when he loses, claiming the dice were loaded and that Lydia cheated. While he swears he'll never work with Lydia again he holds up to his side of the bargain.

With Roland to track and navigate the party moves north east to the [[Heidelin Woods]] where they hunted down Wallard and his gang. Though a close call with a black bear slows them down they eventually pick up the tracks of 4 or 5 men heading east and another set of two men heading west. Roland explains that the east tracks look like they were in a hurry while the west tracks look like they could be hunters of some sort. The party chooses to head east and eventually stumble on a camp site. Three men stand around a fire and a singular tent. Unaware if their target was inside the tent the party decides to approach the camp, leaving Roland and Kame' hidden in the woods, hoping that a familiar face like Dirk's and a woman's appearance in the woods would be the least startling.

Soon after making contact the fourth man climbs out of the tent and Dirk confirmed it is Wallard. Wallard offers them a chance to leave and forget they found them but Dirk refuses. Dirk asks why he did this and Wallard hisitently explains that they had broken into the church to steal a few valuables but had found what looked like the walking dead in the basement. During their escape they set one of them ablaze and the flames consumed the church- killing a priest sleeping upstairs.

Knowing he will be hung Wallard opts to fight and try to escape. He fails, the party overcoming him and his thugs, though not before Dirk is knocked unconscious. Roland, having some medical experience, stabalized Dirk while Lydia and Kame' finished the group off. During the fight it becomes known that Lydia is a spellcaster of some sort. They find 20gp between the four criminals.

Returning to Heidelin Roland parts ways with the group and Dirk, Lydia, and Kame' head to one of the local guard posts to turn in Wallard's corpse and receive their reward. When given the reward Kame' notices that the coin purse seems heavier than 200gp and inquires Dirk about it. However, with the aid of some Sleight of Hand, Dirk is able to talk his way out of the situation, pocketing the extra 100gp. Before heading out Lydia suggests they should shop at The Broke Poney, a general store owned by a man named Toren Poney. Toren often harmlessly flirts with Lydia and gives her and her friends 10% discount. Dirk tries to negotiate for further discounts but Toren refuses.

After turning in the bounty the party is soon approached by a young priest named Teliard Sornwell who inquires on the contract, specifically whether Wallard had said anything out of the normal during their conversations. Dirk excludes the information of 'dead walking' but does mention that Wallard had said something about 'hearing noises' and became spooked, knocking over a candle on their way out. Thanking them for their time the priest left.

Heading home Dirk realizes that the party is being followed by two younger, well shaved, men following them. Dirk and Lydia split off and head to the Tavern while Kame' heads home to the dojo. While hoping to draw them away from home, only one of the trailing men follow Dirk and Lydia to the tavern. The other trailing man follows Kame' home.

While at home Kame' fails to hear the man breaking into his dojo and is held at knife point. The man demands Kame' takes a walk with him. Kame' complies. Meanwhile Dirk and Lydia, at the tavern, head out, quickly turning into an alleyway. Dirk takes this small break of eyesight from the man to hide away while Lydia continues on. The man follow Lydia down the alley only to have Dirk reveal himself from  behind as the man and Lydia confront each-other. The man, putting his dagger down, threatens that his partner will kill their friend if anything happens to him. Just as he says this his partner and Kame' come around the corner, the man following close behind with his dagger at Kame's back.

Chaos erupts as Kame turns, disarming the man behind him, and breaking the mans skull with his unarmed strikes. Dirk is injured during the fight and the second man is killed by Lydia by a streaming ray of ice.

Many bystanders become aware of the fight in the alley and call a few guards over who investigate. The guards find a written description and a rough sketch of the party on one of the trailing men and it becomes obvious that they were targeting the party. The guard, assuming they were successful in defending themselves from a mugging, let the party go.

After a 5 day journey to bring Wallard and his gang to justice, the party returns home for a long rest and reflects on what  had happened. What craziness was Wallard declaring? Who were the men who followed them home? Hopefully answers were to come.



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